Les baselines auxquelles vous avez échappé - The baselines from which you have been spared


Dans tout processus créatif, le moment de brainstorm en équipe donne lieu a des excentricités amusantes. Voici notre bêtisier:

In every creative process, team brainstorm results in very funny expressions. Check out our bloopers:

  • Deliver your inner hacker

  • Think open

  • Free your digital potential

  • Open to the core

  • Jailbreakers, the pure players

  • Free your mind, take the red pill

  • We help you deliver

  • Teamwork

  • Dream big

  • Innovation and modernisation (two words that have since been forbidden from our vocabulary: https://twitter.com/ChristopheBenz/status/836875037693079552)

  • Release impact